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Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition opposes Hwy 1 Expansion

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                                                                                                April 27, 2005


Langley-Surrey Residents Question Highway 1 Twinning


[Surrey] Today the 100 member Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition (FVCC) joined the Livable Region Coalition and became the first group south of the Fraser River to publicly question the economic and environmental merits of twinning the Port Mann Bridge and Highway #1.


            “Before a dime is spent, we want Transportation Minister Falcon to prove to us that the twinning project is the best way to spend $2 to $5 billion of our tax dollars,” says FVCC transportation campaigner, Donna Passmore.  “There isn’t one example in the world where highway expansion has achieved long term relief to congestion. We want the Minister to tell us why this will be the exception?”


            Formed in February 2005, the FVCC is a group of Langley and Surrey residents who want their communities to adopt sustainable development and environmental protection practices.  FVCC is calling on provincial and municipal governments to invest in comprehensive transportation management, including upgrading availability of alternate transportation methods to meet current demand, changing community development to integrated mixed use and creation of jobs at all income levels in Langley and Surrey to reduce peak demand.


            “Everyone in Langley and Surrey realizes there is a serious congestion problem on Highway #1,” adds Passmore. “But we need to be sure that our limited transportation dollars are being effectively spent. Current community development methods and transportation systems force our residents into cars. Unless we change that, unless we reduce need for single occupant vehicle use during peak commute times, what’s the point of spending billions of dollars?”


            FVCC’s fellow Livable Region Coalition members include Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST), David Suzuki Foundation, Smart Growth BC, Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) and numerous academics and transportation policy advocates.




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