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Highway Expansion is bad for your health

Minister Falcon has suggested that expanding the #1 Highway and building a second bridge would reduce pollution caused by vehicle emissions.  FALSE.

Remember the big controversy over Sumas II and the concerns around air quality that it legitimately raised?  Well, according to the Provincial Health Officer's report for 2003...

"When one looks closely at the projected annual healthrelated emissions from Sumas 2, they would contribute a signifi cantly smaller amount to the airshed than anthropogenic sources produced in the Lower Mainland (e.g., motor vehicle emissions) [...] Plans for further residential development in the Fraser Valley to absorb double the population over the next 20 to 30 years halve the percentage of emissions contribution by a Sumas 2.

More highway capacity = More development = More pollution = More health problems

Of course, health problems related to car-dependency in our culture are not solely pollution-related.  Obesity is another.  Providing people with alternatives - transit; extensive cycling networks; pedestrian facilities that are safe, comfortable and convenient; not to mention planning for town centres where you can easily get around to local amenities without having to commute great distances.

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