HIghway Update - 19 September 2005

Highway Updates - week of 19 September 2005.
Your guide to activities and plans in opposition to the #1 Highway expanion and doubling of the Port Mann Bridge.

Apologies for being quiet on the update front over the summer, but that's not to say there hasn't been anything to update about.  In fact, we've been amazed with the resiliency of the Highway issue throughout the Lower Mainland. Media are regularly addressing the issue and many other community groups have begun work on opposing the expansion.
In this update: 7 items
* Car-Free Day (Thursday) 22 September - volunteers needed
* Petitions - please collect signatures at any opportunity
* Financial support of the Hwy 1 opposition - donations welcome
* Creative fundraising help needed
* Federal support of the Gateway Program (including Hwy 1 Expansion and doubling Port Mann bridge) - get writing!
* Still no public consultation
* Invite CCHE to your community meeting - we're looking for opportunities to spread the word
Read on for the details...
Your feedback/comments/questions are always welcome.  Feel free to contact us at this address, or by phone at 604-708-0777.

Car Free Day - 22 September
Every year, thousands of cities around the world celebrate Car Free Day on 22 September. Vancouver is participating for the first time this year. CCHE will have a booth there, and we invite and encourage any interested volunteers to join us!  We'll have petitions, brochures and information boards set up and could use many hands and voices to get the message out.  Join us and others in celebrating Car Free Day from noon to 8 p.m. on Thursday, 22 September in Gastown. Water and Carrall Streets will be closed to traffic, while activities and information booths will provide plenty to do. Find out more at

Push those petitions
We've been collecting signatures on our petitions, but we need more. With a new session of the provincial legislature beginning this fall we would like to make some waves by submitting our petition. You can sign our on-line petition at or print out copies of our provincial and federal petitions, found here.  Collect signatures from friends, neighbours, fellow transit riders and your car pool buddies. Completed petitions can be returned to us at:
Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion
3011 Maddams St.
Vancouver BC V5N 3K3

Financially supporting the highway opposition
The support for work in opposition to the #1 Highway expansion has been obvious in many ways -- wearing buttons, volunteering at information tables, petitioning at street corners, cross-walk actions, meetings with community groups and writing letters. Many people have also been generous in making financial contributions. As we gear up for a new round of campaigning this fall, we recognize that to continue our campaign, significant financial support is required. Please consider making a donation to Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion -- any amount helps. 

Cheques, made out to Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion, can be sent to us c/o 3011 Maddams St., Vancouver BC V5N 3K3.

Looking for Creative Folk
Speaking of money, we're looking into some new fundraising ventures. From calendars to t-shirts and a new set of buttons, we need your creative input. Artwork, photos, slogans or other special messages and content you would like to contribute would be greatly appreciated. In particular, we need photos and artwork of transportation and highway-related events, issues or ideas for a calendar. If you're able to contribute, please contact us at or 604-708-0777.

Federal Transport Minister lends support to highway expansion
It was disappointing news to learn that federal Minister of Transportation Jean Lapierre was putting his support behind the highway expansion. In an August speech to the Surrey Chamber of Commerce, Lapierre expressed that the federal government will be full partners of the project: "We're not talking in the hundreds of millions - we're talking billions on this one," Lapierre said about the anticipated level of support.  Send your letters to or Hon. Jean Lapierre, House of Commons, Ottawa ON, K1A 0A6 (no postage required).

450+ Days and still no consultations
Well over a year since BC Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon announced the #1 Highway Expansion, there have still been no public consultations as to whether the wasteful project is needed. Instead, the Ministry of Transportation has hired a "Community Relations Co-ordinator" and beefed up its public relations in an effort to deflect widespread criticism of the plan.  Have you been contacted by the Gateway Program?  If so, and you don't consider the conversation to have been 'consultation', you may want to write a letter to that effect.  Any conversations could be considered 'consultation' and then used to try to streamline the public consultation requirements of the provincial environmental protection act with those of the federal government.
Invite CCHE to your community meeting
Whether it's a neighbourhood get-together, a traffic calming meeting or other kind of public forum, CCHE volunteers are available to meet, answer questions to the best of our ability, and participate in a discussion about issues surrounding the highway expansion. 

Highway Updates are sent out by Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion with information about the proposed #1 Highway expansion between Vancouver and Langley. If you do not wish to receive future updates, please let us know by e-mailing
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