31 January 2006 - Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon and Premier Gordon Campbell released the Provincial Government's 'Gateway' report, which includes plans to widen Hwy1 and double the Port Mann Bridge.

If you're concerned about this expansion project - its effects on the livability of our region and the air you breathe, now's the time for action! 

"As long as I'm mayor, a freeway is not an issue. Freeways do not solve traffic problems." Gordon Campbell as Mayor of Vancouver in 1989

"I've heard many bad ideas in my time, and expanding Highway 1 ranks with the worst of them. The scariest part is that Mr. Campbell actually knows better." Jane Jacobs 2005

Citizens Concerned with Highway expansion is a grass-roots opposition to the BC provincial government's plan to expand the #1 Highway between Vancouver and Langley.

Join us as we organize an opposition to more car-oriented sprawl, pollution and wasted public spending. We are exploring alternative solutions while remaining committed to local community development throughout the Lower Mainland.

On this site you will find a wealth of opportunities to learn more about the issue and about how to get involved.  Check out our events calendar for upcoming events and ways to get involved.

  • 2 February 2006: CCHE releases Freeway Fighter's Handbook and a statue of Kevin Falcon riding backwards on a donkey.  Click here for the press release and a link to download the handbook (it's in pdf, or write to us for a hard copy). See photos from the event here.
  • 1 February 2006: Livable Region Coalition releases Transportation for a Sustainable FutureClick here for the press release and to download the report.  Also, check out
  • 31 January 2006: Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon steps aside to let Gordon "the builder" Campbell make the Hwy1/Port Mann bridge announcement to the BC Chamber of Commerce Transportation Summit. 
  • CCHE reacts!  We were at the summit handing out brochures and calling for Falcon and Campbell to STOP the expansion, LOOK at alternative and LISTEN to citizens!  We will also be releasing our Freeway Fighter's Handbook on Thursday, so stay tuned.  For other reactions, follow the links below...
  • 31 January 2006: Premier Releases Traffic Frankenstein - Press release by the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation.  Click here.
  • 30 January 2006: BEST says there are still unanswered questions.  They want answers before the Port Mann/Hwy 1 expansion proceeds!  Click here.
  • Press Release by the Livable Region Coalition - Queue jumper lanes and express bus service needed now in Highway 1 corridor.  Click here for more details.
  • David Chudnovsky (Provincial MLA for Vancouver-Kensington and NDP Transportation Critic) questions Transportation Minister Kevin Flacon during debates on the the transcript here.
  • For information on past events and activities, visit our 'Events' page.
  • For info on writing to your elected officials, visit our Resources and Election pages.
  • 2 May Media Release - Gordon Campbell changes his freeway position  Gordon Campbell hasn't always been in favour of building freeways. In fact, as mayor of Vancouver and chair of the GVRD he was opposed to such projects. Read our media release about his change in position, Jane Jacobs' critique and the original interview and opinion piece Campbell wrote as mayor.
  • Cross-Pedestrians - 2nd Period of the Hockey Game -  On Sunday April 24 Team Pedestrians once again beat Team Cars!  Click here to listen in on a report that was aired on dingding radio..

  • 11 April Media Release - Read our media release about traffic statistics from the Port Mann Bridge and feasible solutions to congestion the government is ignoring.

  • Event Photos - See photos from past events and get inspired to take action in your own community.

  • Highway Updates - Get the latest CCHE news by reading the Highway Updates.  There's lots of information in these about what we're up to.  If you would like to receive these by e-mail, just write to us at

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