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Highway Plans Challenged


11 April 2005 - Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion released figures today that challenge the Provincial Government's rationale for expanding Highway #1. The figures demonstrate the basis for developing realistic alternatives to highway expansion.


Volunteers measured the use of the #1 Highway at the Port Mann Bridge by counting the numbers of vehicles during rush hours and weekends. Counts indicate that 930-1200 vehicles use the #1 Highway at the Port Mann Bridge every 15 minutes during rush hours. An additional 840 vehicles travel the route every 15 minutes on weekends.


Of these vehicles:

           65-73% are single-occupancy vehicles on weekdays;

           28% are single-occupancy vehicles on weekends;

           12-13% are commercial vehicles.


No public transportation options exist for crossing the Port Mann Bridge – not a single bus crosses the route. Between Surrey and Vancouver, the Sky Train currently operates at approximately 33% of its designed capacity.


There are feasible options for reducing congestion without building new bridges or expanding highways:

           One bus carrying 50 passengers every 5 minutes would reduce congestion by 12-18%. That's a reduction of 600 cars every hour;

           If 10% of Port Mann motorists would car pool, even with only one other person in order to qualify them for the High-Occupancy Vehicle lane, congestion could be reduced by 370 to 480 cars per hour.

Media Release

Read the full media release here.

Traffic statistics

The data from our traffic counts in available in this spread sheet.

Traffic_count_stats.xls Traffic_count_stats.xls

About this project

Since the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation isn't releasing studies or data related to the rationale behind expanding the #1 Highway, we decided to collect information to inform the public discussion. These videos provide background information about our project. Note: QuickTime Player is required to view these videos


Watch interviews with CCHE volunteers explaining the car-counting project.

Traffic footage

These are video clips of traffic on the #1 Highway and the Port Mann Bridge. For broadcast-quality versions, please contact 604-255-4884.

Highway traffic 1 video

Highway traffic 2 video

Bridge traffic 1 video

Bridge traffic 2 video

Bridge with train video

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