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From here you can either sign our petition on-line, or download copies of our petition to print off and pass around to your family, friends and neighbours!


  • On-Line Petition - Our petition to the provincial government is now on-line.  Please sign it and circulate it to your networks.


  • Downloadable Petitions - Download our petitions to both the provincial and the federal governments.  You can then print them off, sign them and circulate them to your networks.

- Provincial Petition

HW1_Petition_prov.pdf HW1_Petition_prov.pdf

- Federal Petition

While the provincial government is planning the #1 Highway expansion, the federal government will be asked for financial help to complete the project. Print this petition and gather signatures at the same time as you circulate the petition to the provincial government.

HW1_Petition_federal.pdf HW1_Petition_federal.pdf

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