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Falcon on a Donkey: 2 February 2006

On 31 January, Kevin Falcon gave the floor to Gordon Campbell at a business meeting in Vancouver. Campbell released the project definition report from the #1 Highway expansion. A couple of days later, Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion responded by releasing a Freeway Fighters Handbook and a statue of Kevin Falcon riding backwards on a donkey. Our message is the same as from the start: Kevin Falcon is looking in the wrong direction when it comes to finding transportation solutions in the Lower Mainland.
Falcon on a Donkey Falcon on a Donkey Volunteers held up signs along the median behind the statue.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 1 MB
Riding off into the sunset Riding off into the sunset Falcon is trying 1950s solutions to a 21st century problem -- he's obviously looking in the wrong direction!2/27/2008 4:10 pm 90 kB
Freeway Fighters Unite Freeway Fighters Unite Some of the participants standing next to the Falcon-on-a-donkey statue.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 86 kB

Let them have shrubs: 30 April

When asked how he would address concerns about increased traffic through local neighbourhoods as a result of the #1 Highway expansion, Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon offered to "implement shrubbery". We decided to be proactive. On 30 April, we hit Commercial Drive dressed as shrubbery and helped our neighbours prepare for the pending onslaught of traffic, noise and pollution.
Success Success After a job well-done, organizers met at the Portuguese Club to plan our next strategies.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 441 kB
Singing to Minister Falcon Singing to Minister Falcon Ned sang his tribute to Kevin Falcon the "dinosaur".2/27/2008 4:10 pm 74 kB
Knight Knight Fresh off a traffic-calming victory on Dundas Street, the Crossing Knight of Dundas came to help defend our communities from the highway expansion.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 92 kB
Knight Knight The Crossing Knight of Dundas is the pedestrian's best friend.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 94 kB
Knight Knight The Crossing Knight of Dundas, hard at work. Notice the shrubbery behind -- Monte Python would be proud.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 90 kB
Buttons Buttons A new way for people to show their support for our campaign -- and a new fundraiser for us to support the campaign.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 118 kB
Testing Testing Our shrubbery was tested extensively. Unfortunately, we think the government will have to find better ideas (we can help them if they're ready to listen).2/27/2008 4:10 pm 554 kB
Tables Tables Our tables were a popular stopping point throughout the afternoon.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 101 kB
Tables Tables Dressing as shrubbery is a good way of getting people's attention.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 95 kB
Tables Tables Grandview Park was a busy place on Saturday.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 98 kB
Tables Tables Signing petitions, buying buttons, reading more and discussions with neighbours -- that's what we did for three hours.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 99 kB

Crosswalk Action: 9 April 2005

40 volunteers gathered on Saturday 9 April to get the word out that a highway expansion is bad news for our communities. Carrying signs reading "Stop Highway #1 Expansion", "Look at Options" and "Listen to Citizens", we reminded motorists and pedestrians that transportation decisions impact many people -- and we want a say in what choices are provided.
Post mortem Post mortem The banners and balloons rest after a job-well-done . . . getting ready for next week2/27/2008 4:10 pm 71 kB
At the end of the day At the end of the day People gathered to chat and share their experiences following the event2/27/2008 4:10 pm 109 kB
Holding down the signs Holding down the signs Mark plants a sign along Victoria Drive2/27/2008 4:10 pm 87 kB
Banner at Victoria Drive Banner at Victoria Drive Our banner hangs at the Victoria Drive Peace Garden2/27/2008 4:10 pm 94 kB
Honk! Honk! Many motorists honked to support our demonstration2/27/2008 4:10 pm 77 kB
Traffic at Victoria Traffic at Victoria There is a lot of traffic on First Avenue, even on a Saturday2/27/2008 4:10 pm 93 kB
Commercial Drive Commercial Drive Stop, Look & Listen: a message for Kevin Falcon2/27/2008 4:10 pm 85 kB
Commercial Drive Commercial Drive Banner close-up2/27/2008 4:10 pm 81 kB
Commercial Drive Commercial Drive Yellow signs and balloons add a splash of colour to the Drive2/27/2008 4:10 pm 74 kB
Lakewood Lakewood Parade at Lakewood and First2/27/2008 4:10 pm 69 kB
Templeton Templeton Templeton and First was the first contact many motorists coming from the highway had with our signs2/27/2008 4:10 pm 82 kB
Marching orders Marching orders Volunteers listening to instructions before heading out (9 April)2/27/2008 4:10 pm 59 kB
Preparing to leave Preparing to leave Paige and Susan preparing sign-in sheets before the 9 April crosswalk action2/27/2008 4:10 pm 66 kB

Street Hockey

On 13 February, Cross Pedestrians shut down Commercial Drive and held a Street Hockey Game to protest the increase in traffic through the neighbourhood -- and the pending influx with a highway expansion. The country took notice: national media attended and video footage even made Air Canada's in-flight news service the next day!
Hockey on the Drive Hockey on the Drive Playing hockey on the Drive2/27/2008 4:10 pm 608 kB
Hockey on the Drive Hockey on the Drive Hockey on the Drive2/27/2008 4:10 pm 557 kB
Hockey on the Drive Hockey on the Drive Hockey on the Drive2/27/2008 4:10 pm 546 kB
Hockey on the Drive Hockey on the Drive Hockey on the Drive2/27/2008 4:10 pm 599 kB
Hockey on the Drive Hockey on the Drive Hockey on the Drive2/27/2008 4:10 pm 590 kB
Bus! Bus! The only vehicles allowed through were buses.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 581 kB
Hockey band Hockey band The crowds were entertained by the hockey band.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 603 kB
The Final Score The Final Score The pedestrians won this game, but that's not always the case in our daily flood of traffic.2/27/2008 4:10 pm 555 kB

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