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Citizen Action Will Stop Gateway


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2 February 2006


Citizen Action Will Stop Gateway

Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion release Freeway Fighter’s Handbook with rush hour protest


Vancouver - Today Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion released a Freeway Fighter’s Handbook with a morning rush hour protest at the 1st Avenue interchange on Highway 1. The protest took the form of an art installation on the 1st Avenue median depicting Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon riding backwards on a donkey. Traffic signage was erected saying that highway expansion is the “Wrong Way” to relieve congestion.


Around the statue, citizens also placed shrubbery – the only solution Kevin Falcon has offered residents to mitigate the effects of increased traffic and pollution in their neighbourhood.


“The Gateway plan will only bring more cars and more pollution while ignoring alternatives. Citizen action is required to force solutions to the Province’s mad traffic scheme. The Freeway Fighter’s Handbook will help citizens understand the alternatives and to take action,” said Paige Dampier, CCHE spokesperson.


To date the Provincial government has not released details on how its Gateway plan will reduce congestion and meet environmental requirements within the Livable Region Strategic Plan. The open houses scheduled for the Gateway plan do not constitute public consultation as they do not ask for citizen input on whether or not the freeway should be expanded or what alternatives should be used instead of twinning the Port Mann Bridge.


“After the release of the Gateway plans on Tuesday, Kevin Falcon was strongly encouraged by his big-business backers to ignore any ‘nay-sayers’ of this project,” said Paige Dampier.  “This is thoroughly undemocratic, and we have every intention of ensuring citizens voices are heard in this debate.  If big-business and the government are not willing to listen, then citizens will have to mobilize to protect the livability of the region and their right to democratic input”.


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For more information and for a copy of the handbook please contact:


Paige Dampier, CCHE spokesperson, 604-708-0777

David Fields, CCHE co-organizer, 604-722-4775

Freeway_Fighters_Handbook.pdf Freeway_Fighters_Handbook.pdf

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