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Let Them Have Shrubs!

Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon appeared on the Bill Good show on Tuesday April 12.  In that interview he responded to concerns from East Vancouver residents about the effects of increased traffic through our neighbourhoods by assuring listeners that the province would "implement shrubbery" as a traffic calming measure!  His solution is astonishing: “We would work with Vancouver to put in traffic-calming measures so that, for example, by implementing shrubbery along the corridor and down the boulevard, etc. what you do is signal to the drivers that now you’re in a residential area, and they automatically know by the change in scenery that they are to slow down.” Listen in...

Kevin Falcon offers shrubbery

Listen to Kevin Falcon's comments to Bill Good of CKNW during an interview on 12 April 2005.

Falcon_on_Bill_Good_April_12_05_1.mp3 Falcon_on_Bill_Good_April_12_05_1.mp3


The event

On Saturday, 30 April from 1-4pm at Grandview Park along Commercial Drive we dressed in our best Shrubbery costumes and helped education the public as to how they could use shrubbery to protect themselves from the pending traffic onslaught..  See our photos from the event.

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