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Premier Unleashes Frankenstein

Premier Unleashes Traffic Frankenstein On Vancouver
Alternatives To Highway 1 Port Mann Expansion Are Safer, Cheaper, Faster
For Immediate Release
January 31, 2006, Vancouver - The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation says there are 
alternatives to expanding Highway 1 and the Port Mann Bridge that are “safer, cheaper and faster.”  
Speaking today immediately after Premier Gordon Campbell was introduced to the Chamber of Commerce 
as “the builder”, SPEC’s transportation campaigner David Fields observed, “The only thing the Premier is building 
here is the Frankenstein’s Monster of transportation planning.  It won’t work, it costs too much and it will help turn the 
Lower Mainland into smog-choked Toronto."
As is the case in cities throughout North America, building more roads attracts more car dependent development. Already 
40 per cent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the GVRD come from the transport sector. This total needs to be 
35 per cent lower than current trends to meet reduction targets in the GVRD.
“There are safer options that can be implemented faster than the Gateway plan and that are significantly cheaper,” said Fields. 
“Instead, the minister has cobbled together parts of transportation schemes—roads, bicycle lanes, maybe a light rail system some 
time--that won’t add up to a viable solution.” 
To date, no meaningful public consultation on the plan has taken place and concerns expressed by regional and municipal governments 
have not been addressed.
A transportation report prepared for The Livable Region Coalition will be released tomorrow that shows how alternative transit measures 
can be employed realistically to relieve congestion and improve local air quality, for less than one-third the capital cost of expanding Highway 1.
For more information please contact:
David Fields, SPEC’s transportation campaigner, 604-722-4775
Karen Wristen, SPEC’s Executive Director, 604-788-5634

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