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Highway Update - 26 April 2005

Hello Concerned Citizens -
This is your Highway Update for Tuesday, April 26th.  There are 4 items in this update.  As usual, the headlines are noted in the top section and the details follow below.
1.  **Let Them Have Shrubs!**  Saturday, April 30th from 1-4 in Grandview Park (corner of Charles and Commercial).  Come out - dress as a shrub, carry a sign, hand out brochures, buy and/or sell a button and generally join in the fun as we raise awareness about the #1 Highway expansion and how it will affect our neighbourhoods.  This event replaces our regularly scheduled cros-walk action and pamphleting at 1st and Commercial.
2.  **East Vancouver Outlaw Hour**.  Tune your radio to dingding Radio 89.3 FM on Sunday evenings between 8 and 9pm.  This pirate radio station is featuring interviews and reporting on the #1 Highway issue as well as music from local artists.
3.  **Election coverage**.  Are you planning on attending an all-candidate's debate in the next couple of weeks?  If so, consider asking your candidates where they stand on this issue - and then let us know by writing to  We will also be posting any all-candidate's debates that we know of on our webiste with a list of possible questions.  Visit it at
4.  **Time to regroup**.  Our campaign is about to get drowned out by media coverage on the provincial election - and because we're just a few people organizing, we're going to take this as an opportunity for a bit of a break from starting in on any new aspects of the campaign or organizing any media events.  Shortly after the election we will put the call out for a re-organizing meeting.  If this is the chance you've been waiting for to talk strategy around this issue and become more involved, then stay tuned!
1.  **Let Them Have Shrubs**.  Saturday April 30th from 1-4pm at Grandview Park.  This is an opportunity to come out and have some fun while we spread the word about how the #1 Highway Expansion and Port Mann Bridge twinning will affect our neighbourhoods.  This replaces our regularly scheduled cross-walk action and pamphleting at 1st and Commercial.  Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon has suggested that his ministry will "implement shrubbery" to mitigate any traffic issues that East Vancouver would face.  We think this is farcical, to say the least, so we will be distributing our own shrubbery with a note to passers-by explaining how the Minister plans to deal with double the number of cars accessing the #1 Highway through East Vancouver.  The World Music Festival will be going on at the same time, so come to hand out shrubbery and stay for the music!  We'll be hard to miss between the signage and the shrub costumes.
2.  **East Vancouver Outlaw Hour**.  dingding Radio is broadcasting the 'East Vancouver Outlaw Hour' on Sunday evenings between 8 and 9 pm on 89.3 FM.  This pirate radio station is dedicated to stopping the highway expansion project with the latest news from the campaign, interviews with activists and experts, and great live and recorded music and poetry.  Where can you get it?  Everywhere in the East End, they hope -- but they're not sure...If you live between Hastings & Broadway & Main & Nanaimo, listen in, and send them an e-mail at to let them know where you live and how well you received the broadcast.  Or, send them a note anyways - news, greetings, announcements - and they'll read it on the air.  Spread the word...
3.  **Election Coverage**.  With the provincial election three weeks away, please take every opportunity you have to raise this issue with candidates running in your neighbourhood.  If you know of all-candidate's debates that are happening or will be attending one yourself, please let us know.  We will attempt to keep track of all-candidate's debates on our website as well as comments made by individual candidates.  The website will be updated regularly.
4.  **Time to regroup**.  With the election heating up, organizers are taking a bit of a break from starting in on any new campaigns or organizing more media events.  Regularly-scheduled cross-walk actions and pamphleting will continue as will the East Vancouver Outlaw Hour broadcasts.  The website will continue to be udated and you will continue to receive updates.  Shortly after the election we will put the call out for a re-organizing meeting to discuss strategy.  We have lots of ideas about where to go from here but we need fresh blood and fresh ideas.  Hopefully this will be an opportunity for several of you to get more involved.  We've been at this since January and are getting into the swing of things in terms of our internal communications and organization, so this is a good time to bring on more people and more campaign ideas.

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