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Highway Update - 5 April 2005

Hello Concerned Citizens -
As usual, read through the summarized short-hand bullets, and scroll down for the details.  There are many upcoming events that could use volunteers!  13 bullets in total.
1.  **Traffic Jam - a fun, public rally in opposition to the #1 Highway Expansion!  April 30 or May 1.  Contact Dave if you are interested in helping organize:**
2.  **Cross-Walk action along 1st Ave. - this Saturday, April 9 from 1-2pm.  Drop-in poster making session from 10am-1pm.  Volunteers needed!  So far, many thanks to Helen, Craig and Stephanie.**
3.  **Community Open House and Information Meeting re: #1 Highway Expansion at the Hastings Community Centre.  April 11, 7-9pm.  Please spread the word to your networks (copy and pastable message below), help put up posters (a copy available on our website from the front page), or come out to volunteer that night!**
4.  **The Outreach Committee is making a presentation to the Strathcona Community Centre Board meeting on April 12 at 7pm.  Contact Mark if you would like to be involved.**
5.  **The Outreach Committee is making a presentation to the West Coast Wilderness Committee on April 12 at 7pm.  Contact Dave if you would like to be involved.**
6.  **Pamphleting along Commercial Drive on the weekends!  Contact Annabelle if you have a spare hour or so.**
7.  **Celebrate Earth Day (April 22) at the Earth Revival Meeting - perhaps the only Earth Day event where the #1 Highway Expansion issue is going to be featured!  This event is not being organized by Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion, but we have been asked to provide input.  Tickets are $20, but there are volunteer opportunities available.**
8.  **The Outreach Committee made a presentation to the Windsong Co-Housing group in Langley on Monday 4 April.  Many thanks to Windsong for hosting!  This was a great opportunity to connect with other grass-roots organizers and we look forward to supporting each other's efforts.**
9.  **Many thanks to Annabelle for hosting a social open house this past Sunday!  As promised, the recipe for the chocolate 'feed the resistance' cake is now up in the members discussion section of the website.**
10.  **Please take a look at our website and provide feedback!  More resources have been posted this morning.  If you would like to view the 'Member' section, please register yourself online - look to the bottom left-hand portion of the screen for a log-in/registration button.  If you have any troubles, contact us at
11.  **Organizer's meeting: Wednesday, 6 April from 7 to 9pm at 1710 Victoria Drive.  Come one, come all!**
12.  **Good news - We received a grant from the People's Trust Fund in the amount of $300!  This will get spread around to our various activities.  Check out for more information on The People's Trust Fund.**
13.  **Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion on-line petition!  Sign on, and forward to your friends at  Note: this is a new address for the petition.**
Here are the details...
1.  **Traffic Jam!**  Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion is organizing a large public rally for either Saturday, April 30 or Sunday, May 1 (depending on permits).  This will be a fun, family-oriented event to kick off our efforts at getting the word out to a broad audience leading up to the provincial election on May 17!  We will need lots of creative energy leading up to this event and would appreciate offers of help or volunteer time at the actual day.  Please contact Dave if you are interested in being involved!
2.  **Cross-walk Action** Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 9!  Dress in red, bring red balloons, bring your children or grand-children wearing red and carrying red baloons, make a home-made sign, and come use the cross-walks along 1st Ave for an hour between 1pm and 2pm with other concerned citizens.  Susan Smith is organizing this event and she NEEDS VOLUNTEERS!  Please RSVP by writing to us at or by contacting Susan directly.  A sign-making workshop will be held in the morning from 10am - 1pm.  Check the website for location details, or contact us directly at
3.  Please copy and paste this message to forward on to your networks!  Members of the East Vancouver citizen's group, Citizens Concerned With Highway Expansion, will be holding a community open house and information meeting regarding the provincial government's plans to expand the Port Mann Bridge and Highway 1 (200th St, Langley to Hastings St, Vancouver).  This information meeting will be held at the Hastings Community Centre, 3096 East Hastings on Monday, April 11th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
4.  No further details.
5.  No further details.
6.  No further details.
7.  You are cordially invited to a 35th Anniversary celebration of Earth Day! Please join us for an Earth Revival Meeting -- a celebration of our home and reflection on the state of the planet.  Connect with community. Hear stories of the universe. Sing, dance and be inspired - to do what matters most to you.  This event is dedicated to the work of Thomas Berry, Joanna Macy, Matthew Fox, David Suzuki, Brian Swimme and others -- who have shown us how to deepen our connection with our Earth.  All net proceeds go to Earth Charities. Tickets $20, available at Banyen (Vancouver), Utopia (North Van), Serendipity’s (Richmond), Reflections and Free Spirit (Coquitlam), and at the door.
Where: Masonic Hall, 1495 West 8th Ave., Vancouver
When:  Friday, April 22nd, 7:30 – 10:00 p.m. (doors open at 7:00)
8. No further details.
9.  No further details.
10.  To register as a 'member' on the website, go to the 'account' botton at the top right-hand portion of the screen.  Enter a user name, a password, and your e-mail address.  Once you've done this, a 'Members' section will appear in the headings bar (i.e. along with headings you could already see like 'The Issues', 'Alternatives', 'Get Involved', and so on).  If you go to the 'Members' section, you can click on 'members discussion' to get to the bulletin board.  Here you can both read and post messages.
11.  Our regular **organizer's meeting** is scheduled for Wednesday night from 7-9pm at 1710 Victoria Dr.  An agenda is being made up and will include reviewing action items from last meeting, as well as updates from all the committees and heads-up with respect to upcoming activities.  Anyone is welcome to attend with new ideas or with time to devote to activities we already have planned.
12.  This **$300 grant** is very exciting and is our first real success at fundraising for our activities!  If you know of similar grants, we would love to hear from you!  The People's Prom is held every year as an anti-Valentine's Day event.  Learn more about the Prom and the People's Trust Fund through their website:
13.  No further details.

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