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Highway Update 22 March 2005

Hello Concerned Citizens -
A few things to note in this Update...scroll down past the eight points for the details.
1.  **Organizing Committee Meeting is TOMORROW, Wednesday 23 March from 7-9pm at the home of Susan Smith, 1710 Victoria Drive (at 1st Ave.).  Agenda at the end of this message** 
2.  **Regular Organizing Committee Meetings to occur every other Wednesday, starting March 23 (subsequent meetings on April 6, April 20, etc...).  7-9pm at 1710 Victoria Drive.  If there is a change of venue, it will be posted on the website at least two days in advance (by Monday afternoon).
3.  **VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Regular pamphleting to occur at Grandview Park and along Commercial Drive.  Contact Annabelle at **
4.  **VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: A cross-walk action is being organized for Saturday, 9 April, from 1-2pm.  Contact Susan Smith at**
5. **VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: The Outreach Committee is organizing public meetings at various venues.  Contact Leslie at**
6.  **Our website, is up and running!  Please register to view 'member' section with regular postings from organizing committees.  The latest document posted is the updated communications plan.**
7.  **A major rally/festival is being proposed for the last weekend in April.  Organizing committee to discuss tomorrow night.  VOLUNTEERS WILL BE NEEDED!!**
8.  **Have ideas for an activity you would like to organize?  Let us know!  Write to**
Detail relating to the above headings...
1.  We regret the short notice for tomorrow night's meeting.  This date seemed to be the concensus from the 10 March meeting, so we are going for it.  We realize this presents a conflict for anyone interested in going to the all-candidates debate that is being organized by the law student's society at UBC (see website calendar for more details).  If you can't make it, but would like to report back on anything, please post information to the website, be in touch with us via or delegate to someone who will be there.   The agenda is attached to the body of this e-mail below the rest of the updates.
2.  To avert this kind of late-notice again, we have set up regular meetings.  We will meet every other Wednesday at 1710 Victoria Dr., from 7-9pm.  Any changes in venue will be posted on the website two days earlier, by Monday afternoon.
3.  We are pleased to announce that Annabelle has volunteered to take on organizing regular information tables in Grandview Park and pamphlet drops along Commercial Drive.  She NEEDS VOLUNTEERS!  If you have some time to spare over the next couple of weekends, please let her know, by writing to her at:
4.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 9!  Dress in red, bring red balloons, bring your children or grand-children wearing red and carrying red baloons, make a home-made sign, and come use the cross-walks along 1st Ave for about an hour with other concerned citizens.  Susan Smith is organizing this event and she NEEDS VOLUNTEERS!  Please RSVP by writing to us at or by contacting Susan directly.  Check out the website for information to put on your sign.  Annabelle had a catchy one last weekend while she was pamphleting that read: Neighbours: STOP highway expansion, LOOK at alternatives, LISTEN to the people.  Add the website ( at the bottom, and you're set! 
Note: This event could be cancelled due to extreme weather (a little rain won't hurt!) or poor turnout.  IF it is cancelled, a note will be put up on the front of the website by Thursday afternoon.
5. The Outreach Commitee is reaching out to community centres and co-ops to organize information nights around the #1 Highway expansion issue.  Keep your eye to the website for details.  To VOLUNTEER to be part of a presenting team, or to VOLUNTEER your space for a meeting, please contact Leslie at
6.  Please check out the website if you haven't already!  If you would like to be able to access the 'member' section of the webpage, please register by going to the bottom left hand of the screen and clicking where it says 'click here to register'.  All you need to give is a username and a password (you choose your own) and an e-mail address.  We plan on increasingly relying on the webpage to pass information back and forth as Chris gets down to writing his dissertation.
7.  This is something we've talked about for a while - and now it's time to organize!  If you have energy to help organize a festival for the last weekend in April, please come out to the organizing committee meeting tomorrow night, or send us a note at  We're thinking BIG, and just a couple of weeks before the provincial election!
8.  We are eaget to hear from you if you would like to organize an action around the highway issue!  Write to us at, or register as a member of the website, and post your idea there.  Information will be brought to Wednesday's meeting with respect to a possible button campaign and lawnsign campaign.
That's all for now...
Agitate, educate, activate!
Agenda for Organizing Committe meeting

Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion

Organizers Meeting

Wednesday March 23, 2004



Purpose of meeting:  To update and organize around events and actions


1.  Welcome and announcements:

a.  Purpose of meeting

b.  Set meeting times – every second Wed, 7-9pm at Susan’s or TBA


2.  Introductions/ Check In – Go round/update of event planning


3.  Future event planning:  time to ramp up/ all hands on deck/ push into public eye

a.  TIMELINE BEFORE ELECTION:  8 weeks minus one day before May 17

b.  potential events/actions/campaign items

                                                       i.      as many (at least 2) smaller media-drawing actions/events in April, leading up to a larger public event/fesitval at the end of April – proposed date of April 29/30 to coincide with Critical Mass on the 29th and festival/event on April 30, just 2.5 weeks before the election

                                                  ii.      button campaign

                                             iii.      lawn sign campaign

                                                  iv.      block parties

                                                       v.      weekly crosswalk actions at major intersections on 1st, 12th, Hastings, etc.

                                                  vi.      tabling in neighbourhood and at other events

                                             vii.      all-candidates meetings

                                        viii.      others?

c.  tools for organizing:

                                                       i.      establish a listserve for event notices

                                                  ii.      use website/own emailing for internal organizing


     4.  Next Steps



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