Highway Update for 29 March 2005

Hello Concerned Citizens -
A number of things of note in this update.  Please scroll past the 13 points for the details.
1.  **Next Organizing Committee Meeting in Wednesday, 6 April from 7-9pm at the home of Susan Smith, 1710 Victoria Dr. (at 1st Ave).  Agenda to be circulated closer to the date.**
2.  **You're Invited!  Annabelle is hosting an Open House on Sunday, 3 April, from 2-5pm.  Come and join us and take this opportunity to get to know each other.  2073 E.7th Ave (between Lakewood and Semlin).  BYOB and a snack to share.**
3.  **Cross-walk action: Sunday April 9 from 1-2pm.  We're also trying to book a place for sign making ahead of that time...more info to follow.  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!  Contact Susan at**
4.  **The Outreach Team will be presenting the issue and our concerns to a group of folks at a housing co-op in Langley on Monday 4 April.  Way to outreach, team!**
5.  **Community Information Night at the Hastings Community Centre, Monday 11 April, from 7:00-9:30pm.  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for postering and hosting!  Contact Leslie Dickout at
6.  **Interested in strategizing around hosting an all-candidates debate?  There is a group taking a look at this.  Contact Leslie at if you are interested in VOLUNTEERING for this activity.**
7.  **Very late notice...Upcoming workshop: Button-making!  Come out to Vegan Voices at the corner of Robson and Granville on Tuesday, 29 March (tonight) for a workshop on button-making, then sell them as a FUN-draiser for Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion!**
8.  **Traffic Jam!  A festival in opposition of the #1 Highway Expansion will be held on the weekend of April 30/May 1.  Mark your calendar!  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!** 
9.  **Information re: How to Host a Block Party is now on-line in the 'Get Involved' section of our website.  This information is provided by the City of Vancouver and tells you everything you need to know about organizing a block party.  Check it out at**
10.  **Second Period of the Road Hockey Game, organized by Cross Pedestrian, will be held Sunday, 24 April, 1pm at the intersection of Charles and Commercial.**
11.  **Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion on-line petition!  Sign on, and forward to your friends at**
12.  **On-going pamphleting in Grandview Park and along Commercial Drive.  Contact Annabelle to VOLUNTEER some of your time this way -  Read an account of one volunteer pamphleter's experience in the Members section of the website.**
13.  **We are looking for VOLUNTEERS to take on some FUN-draising activities.  Scroll down for more details, and write to if you have some energy for this type of activity.**
1.   -
2. OPEN HOUSE  -  SUNDAY APRIL 3RD - 2 to 5 PM.  2073 EAST 7th AVENUE (between Lakewood & Semlin).  Come and join us.  Take a break from it all and just hang out together.  BYOB & a snack to share.  Annabelle's 604.8992494
3. **Cross-walk Action** Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 9!  Dress in red, bring red balloons, bring your children or grand-children wearing red and carrying red baloons, make a home-made sign, and come use the cross-walks along 1st Ave for about an hour with other concerned citizens.  Susan Smith is organizing this event and she NEEDS VOLUNTEERS!  Please RSVP by writing to us at or by contacting Susan directly.  A sign-making workshop is in the works...details to follow.
4.  -
5.  **Hastings community meeting** VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to help poster for this event as well as day-of VOLUNTEERS for help with set-up and take-down.  Let us know if you're interested by either contacting the general e-mail ( or by contacting Leslie Dickout at
6.  Given that the provincial election is coming up - 17 May to be exact, we need to start putting the fire under our politicians' feet to see where they stand on this issue!  If you would like to see an all-candidates debate in your neighbourhood, be in touch with this group through Leslie (  Or, if you would like to have access to resources on this issue in order to be able to ask informed questions at an already planned debate, check out our website ( or write to us at for more information.
7.  The Work Less Party is organizing a button-making event for tonight, and we've been invited.  (Sorry for the late notice!)  Here's their invite:  "If you are interested in helping  get our campaign on the road please come to a button making party at 712 Robson street, Tuesday. Yup we will be making tons and tons of cool Work Less Party buttons to give away.  Please bring any  WLP button design ideas to the party + ideas for posters.  7pm Tuesday 29th March.  Where: Vegetate, 712 Robson street. (Corner of Granville and Robson - 2nd floor).  Bring ideas for buttons and posters."

8.  **Traffic Jam**  Exact details to be confirmed and circulated as they become available.  There will be bands, dancing, information tables, and...well, that depends on you spreading the word and getting more people and organizations involved!  If you have something to offer, let us know!  Write to Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion at  (or, is there a specific person taking this on?)  We will need lost of VOLUNTEERS!!!
9.  -
10.  **Road Hockey Game**  If you are coming out to the hockey game, consider picking up a few brochures ahead of time and doing a bit of outreach!  Brochures are available from Mark Vance ( or by writing the general account ( 
11.  -
12.  To register as a 'member' on the website, go to the 'account' botton at the top right-hand portion of the screen.  Enter a user name, a password, and your e-mail address.  Once you've done this, a 'Members' section will appear in the headings bar (i.e. along with headings you could already see like 'The Issues', 'Alternatives', 'Get Involved', and so on).  If you go to the 'Members' section, you can click on 'members discussion' to get to the bulletin board.  Here you can both read and post messages.  Let the conversations begin!
13.  **FUN-draising**  As we gear up to our big Traffic Jam, we are hoping to get going on some FUN-draising activities.  We need VOLUNTEERS to take this on.  Ideas include hosting a movie night at the Van East Cinema around the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; an art auction; a commuter race (car v. bike in downtown Vancouver);  show-casing local businesses (i.e. Hey, Minister Falcon, make pizza not highways with cheese from a deli, and so on...let your imagination run) a community dance, lawn signs, buttons, laving donation cans with businesses...whatever!
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